Five types of Entrepreneurs, what type of entrepreneur are you?

I came across this in a book I was reading which had a section on entrepreneurship. The book is called New Era of Management by Richard Daft. It goes on to talk about five types of entrepreneurs. There were a few I knew about before but some are new to me. So I’ve decided to share it with you in today’s post. Let’s see what categories we fall under.

Five types of Entrepreneurs


The idealist entrepreneur is the most common type of entrepreneur shown above. He/She likes innovation and enjoys working on something new or creative or something personally meaningful.


The optimizer entrepreneur comes in a close second and is content with the personal satisfaction of simply being a business owner.

I think everyone would have some sort of satisfaction being a business owner but if that’s what mostly feels important then I guess you fall here.

Hard Workers

The hard workers entrepreneur category includes persons who enjoy putting in long hours to build a larger more profitable business. They like the challenge it presents and of course reap the most rewards if the business turns out to be a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Hard work comes with all businesses but as we now see not everyone works hard for the business to grow as this group of entrepreneurs does.


The juggler entrepreneur likes the concept that the business gives them a chance to handle everything themselves. They are usually people with lots of energy and exist on the pressure of meeting deadlines, paying bills and of course making payroll.

Who doesn’t like pressure? J Last minute deadlines are lovely! I’m sure a lot of you have ended up in a situation where the deadline is approaching quickly. Maybe you’re a juggler


The sustainers entrepreneur category consists of people who like the thought of balancing work and a personal life. Most often they do not wish the business to grow too large where it will cut into their personal life too much.

These guys just need enough to survive. No big hopes and dreams of a multinational corporation or interviews on “The Big Idea” J

So there you have it five categories of entrepreneurs. I’ve been trying to figure out which category best describes me, but I think I have attributes of the first four types. I love creativity and innovation so am I an idealist? I think everyone would feel satisfaction as a business owner, a natural sense of pride would always come with entrepreneurship.

I definitely would love to see any business venture I undertake grow as large as it possibly can so then I’m a hard worker? Yet I work well under pressure I’d say I thrive on it a bit so then I’m a juggler.

I guess I am hybrid entrepreneur. What type of Entrepreneur are you?

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